Summertown Villas


“After seriously interviewing five decorators, we chose Johnny Jones because he was everything we were looking for in a decorator. He understood the seriousness of the project, as the house is listed. He knew how to be time and cost effective, and was totally transparent regarding all items in his proposal. He came in on budget and under time.  His team was made up of total professionals who were friendly and personable. Jonny and his team worked seamlessly with our household, as it was not possible to vacate the property during the time the work needed to be completed. His workmanship was second to none. His work was so thorough that we hired him for an additional Phase II, which proved every bit as successful, and we have asked him to bid on a Phase III, to include interior decorating. Nothing was found wanting. We recommend him fully and without reservation.”
Summertown Villa
June 2020